Rex Seabury | Guitar, Voice, Lyrics 

Rex worked as a counselor, gardener, and trail guide for the Deer Creek Center out of Boulder, Utah in his early twenties. He came to know the "wild" places of the Escalante River System and Utah's Grand Staircase as home. It has taken him a while to come up with lyrics and music that express his experience with and connection to this land. Utah Slim and the Desert Poets are dedicated to celebrating the wonder of our natural world, and reaching heart, mind, wit, and soul with lyric, melody, and harmony.
Our mission is to lend our work to the world-wide effort to value our planet as our home and to giving all future children a chance.
Please take a look at our ever-growing videos section. We are currently in the process of recording, editing, and uploading more videos for you to check us out and see what we can do.

Alisa Jo Bolander | Voice, Harmony

Alisa Jo Bolander performs vocals with Utah Slim, Many Lynn Danzig, and other artists. A classically trained vocalist, Alisa Jo has recorded for films and albums, has performed as a choral artist for artists such as Kurt Bestor and the Utah Symphony, and is a proud alumnus of the Salt Lake Children's Choir (Ralph Woodward, Jr., Dir.). Alisa Jo has performed at the Intermountain Acoustic Music Association (IAMA), Entrada Institute Live Concert Series, Redrox Music Festival, and many other venues. 

Mandy Danzig | Mandolin, Fiddle, Voice

Mandy Danzig is the recipient of a bouquet of awards for her instrumental prowess. A member of the duo Otter Creek, her song “The Fiddle Preacher” reached the top 10 on the Folk DJ charts. She has performed with the Salt Lake Choral Artists, the Southern Nevada Musical Arts Society, and the Utopia Early Music Ensemble in state premiers and programs that blend both classical and folk traditions. 
In collaboration with Wendy Lowder, her arrangement and performance was on TLC's “Sister Wives.” She is on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as MandyLynnDanzig and can be found online at www.MandyLynnDanzig.com.  Her music can be purchased through any online venue or via her duo website ottercreekduo.com
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