Utah Slim and the Desert Poets are dedicated to celebrating the wonder of our natural world, and reaching heart, mind, wit, and soul with lyric, melody, and harmony. Rex worked as a counselor, gardener, and trail guide for the Deer Creek Center out of Boulder, Utah in his early twenties. He came to know the "wild" places of the Escalante River System and Utah's Grand Staircase as home. Our mission is to lend our work to the world-wide effort to value our planet as our home and to giving all future children a chance.
The Desert Poets are accomplished musicians, writers, and singers, who have the heartfelt desire to sing out love for our Western wildlands and our home world. Slim's songs give voice to the concern for our future and to the joy and awe of being alive on this world. They sing about love and justice too.
From acoustic rock to traditional folk the writing and arrangements are clear and compelling. Slim's lyrics inspire with wit, color, and depth; Mandy's leads on Viol, Mandolin, and Fiddle, are as fine and lively as can be, and Alisa Jo's vocal backup is beautiful. Their musicianship is excellent and their harmonies are solid.
Check out the musician's Bios and Slim's music from his album on the tabs above! We have both a Pub and Concert set that are ready to play, and Slim creates new material often.
In addition, we would love to help out if you have a non-profit fundraiser!
Go ahead and reach out to Slim via his email, or reach out via text at 801-649-5097. He would love to get in touch with you!
Thank you!
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